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5/14/16   We are in the process of bringing this website up to date with all the amazing things that have happened over the last year.  We have been successful in installing a well, almost completed the addition of many new enclosures so that all dogs can be located in one place and also learned a few things along the way!

There have been setbacks which we have had to try to take in stride and other projects have had to be put on a back burner because of illness or upgrades that needed to take precedence.

Worldwide Veterinary Services came to the Shelter twice this year and were able to spay and neuter almost all the dogs in the shelter.  Of course, since their last visit, there have been many new additions to the shelter which we will need to plan for spaying and neutering in the very near future.

Most of all, we would like to thank all of our donors, because without all of you, none of this would be possible.

Our current large undertaking is to purchase enough shelters to provide the dogs with warm and dry accommodations for the winter.  Each house is available at a cost of 150 euros and we currently need 20 houses.  One of our supporters suggested that if someone would like to “sponsor a house” we could paint the flag of their country on the front of the house!  We could make our very own Dog United Nations!  If you would like to sponsor a house you can make your donation using the following link and please be sure to mark it for Houses and let us know what country flag you would like!  http://paypal.me/VucjakShelter

Dejan - enclosure dog house


2015 will be a year of progress and adoptions for Vucjak Shelter and Wolf Sanctuary. We have some great plans that slowly but surely, we will accomplish with your help!

Currently, the dogs are located in 2 different locations which complicates the care because of the distance. Our goal for January is to relocate all of the dogs to one location. This will save time and money and also allow us to have one location for adoptions.

Fencing is underway and the posts have been installed prior to the recent freeze. This weekend, we hope to have good weather and warmer temperatures so the volunteers will be able to erect the new fenced areas. Once this is completed and the new gates have been made, we will begin moving dogs into the new areas.

Another goal we have is for electricity. Having electricity brought in to the property is a very expensive endeavor so we have opted to use a generator for the time being. Thanks to a very generous donor, we have been able to purchase a new large generator which will extend the time spent with all the dogs because there will be lighting!

Our next goal is the installation of a well. Currently, water has to be obtained and transported to the Shelter. This is a back breaking and time consuming job that has to be done every day no matter what the weather is. In the freezing temperatures, bowls have to be emptied of ice multiple times per day to keep water available for the dogs.  We are trying now to locate someone who can give us a price and install well. This will be a Spring project, hopefully by April.

We are working with a Veterinarian on getting all the dogs vaccinated, micro-chipped and spayed & neutered so all of them will be ready for adoption into their forever homes. This is an ongoing project that we would love to have support for. 23 Euros will fully vaccinate and microchip 1 dog, 30 Euros will neuter 1 male dog and 50 Euros will spay 1 female dog. We have 157 dogs to vaccinate, 91 males to neuter and 21 females to spay. This is a large undertaking and slowly but surely we will accomplish this goal.



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